I have bought from Frank a few times and always completely satisfied!! I still have every plant he ever sold me. Frank is a great seller and stands behind his plants He is very easy to communicate with if you need help. His prices are very fair and the plants are very nice.   --Debbie--

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Pond plants bring a beauty to the pond that is without compare. The colors range from the pastels to the almost neon to the deep dark. I have the variety, and the experience to help make your ponding experience a great one.

I started my first pond in 1989 and have had at least one pond every since. My first pond had plants, as have all of my ponds. They have become a major hobby for me and I started selling them to help support my hobby. I have always been proud of my plants and have continued to have that same view towards the plants that I sell. My purpose is to have every person with a pond to have healthy plants in their ponds to bring beauty, admiration and pride to the ponds.